There are only a few firms in the world today which can creatively synthesize both the engineering and design approaches to outdoor lighting and surveillance systems located in and around live vegetation. One of those is Luna Electrical & Illumination.

Beautiful, Unique and Safe Electrical Solutions

The Luna Electrical & Illumination is a leader in landscape lighting, moonlighting, and surveillance excellence and workmanship. We are considered the professionals’ professional with regards to beautiful world class landscape lighting and surveillance systems. Our pioneering technology and individualized approach to each project ensures a well planned and coordinated installation to create the clients desired effect. We use light and security to complete the architect's original concept, bringing the architecture and landscape to life at night so the asset pays off 24-hours a day.

Energy Efficient Lighting

We offer energy audits and lighting retrofit/conversions that are highly energy efficient. These energy saving methods use much less power, while maintaining lumen level, and can be easily cost justified in a short time.

Surveillance Solutions

We use state of the art hardware and installation techniques to offer remote DVR security solutions (with limited access monitoring) for indoor and outdoor, day and night; compatible with PC/Mac computers, and Blackberry, iPhone and Android smart phones.

Find out how we can help take your lighting and surveillance needs to the next level. Call 918.743.5862 today for more information!